Terms of Use and Copyright

Synhcro Live Score

The software used to manage the synchronized swimming competitions is not distributed freely and can neither be used nor distributed, nor changed without the consent of its author.

This software is provided "as is" and without warranties as to performance, accuracy of information, at market value or at all other warranties, whether expressed or implicit. Because of the various hardware and software environments onto which this software can be installed, no guarantee of integration or compliance is offered.

The owner of this software is not responsible for computer viruses or other disruptive programs or IT anomalies that may occur during the installation and use of the software.

It is protected by the French law on copyright and by international conventions.

You acknowledge that no intellectual property of the software is transferred to you. You further acknowledge that the title and full rights of this software are the sole property of the author, and that you do not acquire any rights other than those expressly specified in this license agreement.

Reproduction is prohibited without permission of the author.

All rights reserved.

The rights are non-transferable.

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