Computerized management of the competition

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We manage for you the entire contest, sofware training for judges and personalized assistance. We collect the scores from each judge to calculate the results and establish the ranking on the spot.

Managing instant scoring system of your competitions respecting the FINA rules.

Printing results and PDF files, combined ballet ranking and ranking for categories with compulsory figures.

Suitable for all types of free trials or technical ballets (solos, duets, teams, combined).

Results Management Simplified with the digital rating system on tablets via Wifi or Ethernet.

Entering Notes on digital tablets
Display of results
Rankings generated automatically
Displaying scores

Posting results.

Possible display of the results of the competion in PDF format on our dedicated website upon confirmation by the judges.


20 tablets, 2 PC servers, routers, and two 19-inch screens are provided and can manage the entire competition. Printing or creating a PDF file of the results is also possible. It is also possible to display the results in 2 languages ​​(French and English).


The Synchro Live Score software is easy to use and our team will be there to help you during your competitions.

A team of 3 to 5 people are in constantly available to help the judges if any trouble occur.